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During the year each student faces academic tasks that require much time and effort. The research paper is one of those tasks. You cannot come up with a qualitative piece of work unless you spend half of the year on research and another half on writing. Of course, few students follow the recommendations and get their job done in time. Well, this is what research paper writing services exist for. Professional writers at do not need that much time. They have the required skills and experience in order to make a high-quality research paper in short terms. Stop spending your best years in the library, get a life and let our experts do the job for you. We offer reasonable prices for research papers writing services, available even for students.

The good news is that you do not have to choose between writing a paper and ordering it right after you get the topic. You may do your research on your own and ask our expert to help you with a part of your paper. In fact, we can assist you at any stage of your research. Furthermore, Your-Writers can help you during your whole studies. We do all the subjects and all possible types of writing assignments:

You may also hire our expert to proofread or edit the work you have done. Therefore, do not hesitate to consult us at any stage.

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Our experts are not only experienced in their fields of studies and qualifications but also conduct academic and scientific researches professionally. Using reliable sources they come up with a 100% plagiarism free work that fits all the academic requirements. The experience allows our writers do their job qualitatively and in short terms. Our support team works 24/7 in order to make our cooperation with clients safe and fruitful. Our prices are reasonable and include discounts and bonuses for students.

How it works

The whole process is very simple:

How to write a good research paper?

A research paper may become an obstacle to your academic merit. Any research requires analyzing data. The more qualitative is the research paper, the bigger is the number of sources. Looking for perfect sources and analyzing them is what research paper is mostly about. If you are planning to write a serious research paper, you need to be good at time management. Do not postpone what you have planned for the day. Follow your schedule.

The following stages will help you imagine the whole process:

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1. Select the topic

A good topic is your winning strategy. Do not agree to take a topic unless you realize its meaning completely. Besides, you should be inspired by the topic you choose. Think about your further research papers. Would you like to develop this topic into something bigger, perhaps, write a dissertation?

If you hesitate, copy all good research topics you have found in your field of study. Brainstorm your list and pick up the best one. Look through the recommended articles, books, etc. Try to narrow the chosen topic down, make it more specific. Finally, choose another topic if you feel the first one does not work for you.

2. Search for the information available

The next task is to gather all available information regarding your research paper topic. Your sources may include books, encyclopedias, newspapers, and magazines, academic journals, dissertations, interviews, conference papers. Each source has its benefits.

It is also a good idea to consider bibliographical information of the available dissertations close to your topic.

3. Come up with key messages and thesis

Start with the thesis. Make it clear and specific but do not make it sound like a fact, include your personal view. It should show your emotions regarding the research but it should present your point of view. Another key thing is to make your focus on the research rather its volume. Many students make their research papers broader than they should be according to their topics. Once again, the more specific is the thesis, the better is the work.

When copying key messages and thesis, make sure you use appropriate terms. Avoid ambiguous terms or terms and notions from other fields of study. Do not write your thesis in first person.

4. Develop the structure

A good structure will become a remedy when writing a research paper. Take your time and make your structure logical and in regard to academic requirements. Therefore look through the requirements first. For instance, MLA style requires an outline on the first pages.

Arrange your paper so that the general is followed by the specific. Make a developed structure using subcategories and subparagraphs. Write a good conclusion for each part, using the evidence from your research.

5. Make a draft

Once you are done with all above-mentioned tasks, you are ready to start your draft. The draft, as well, as the final paper, should include introduction, body and conclusion. Do not start with the introduction as it is much easier to come up with a clear one when you already have the body. The conclusion goes the last. Keep in mind that even theoretical paragraphs should include your personal analysis and point of view.

Change the thesis (if necessary) after you are done with the body. It is natural for a researcher to change the angle of the paper, based on the results.

6. Make amendments and type the final paper

Refresh your mind with a relaxing weekend and look through your draft with a fresh perspective. Make sure your thesis, tasks, etc., correspond the body and the conclusion. Pay attention to a required style. Keep in mind that Chicago and APA have different requirements.

Type the final paper and proofread it for typos, mistakes and ambiguous things. Try to involve a third party to help you with the revision. IT may be your colleague, a supervisor or a Your-Writers expert.

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