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What does a good essay need?

When you are required to make an essay, it's very important to know all key moments for writing; only in this case you will be able to create a bright paper. Whether you are studying in school, university or college, your teachers will definitely require writing an essay. Needless to say this is not a simple work that requires a lot of time, patience and skills. What if you don't have enough time for writing, or your abilities are not so good for creating a brilliant work? Luckily, you can ask essay writing services for help. It's very easy and fast to get a great paper through such companies, you only need to make your order online and pay for your essay. If writing a good essay seems too hard for you, this is the best choice to solve your problems. No matter how complicated your work is, the custom essay writing service will provide you with help.

Here are some benefits you can get from the cooperation with a quality writing company:

It's very easy and fast to make your order, you need to pass through several steps for it:

  1. Fill the order form: provide the custom essay writing service with detailed information about your future paper, such as length, topic, deadline, complexity, additional requirements, etc.
  2. Make a payment for your order. When your payment is confirmed, the company will start working on your task immediately.
  3. The service will choose a writer to fulfill your assignment. During the process, you will be able to chat with the author to give all the needed additional recommendations and requirements about writing your paper.
  4. When your work is finished, it will be checked thoroughly by editors for grammar and logical errors. Most of the essay writing services offer free checking for plagiarism.
  5. The finished work will be sent to the customer via email.

Basic steps in writing an essay

When you are making an essay, it's important to understand the entire process of writing: where you should start and how you should end the work. Needless to say that any essay must have a good structure to be logical and interesting to the audience. Your paper should be written with a certain aim, so you need a clear plan about creating it. If you want to write a bright work, follow thus detailed instruction:

  1. Analyze the question and define key terms. Try to figure out the future topic of your paper (if your teacher didn't provide it), and define what your essay will be about in general. When you are choosing a topic, try to select a field you are interested in.
  2. Establish a possible thesis/ point of view. Your work's thesis statement is a main idea of the entire work. You should define it and put in the beginning of your paper.
  3. Research the topic. Look for sources (library, Internet, magazines, newspapers, books, articles, etc.) and find as much as possible information about the chosen topic.
  4. Take notes from your readings. This will help you find all the needed information when you will start writing your work. Mark sources that seems reliable for your essay to use them in your paper later.
  5. Write an essay plan (outline) and organize your ideas. The outline is a detailed plan of your work. Thanks to it, you won't forget anything important, plus your paper will be well-organized and logical. If you need help in creating the outline, we suggest reading the article from the experienced custom essay writing service:
  6. Write a first draft according to your plan. Feel free to use the structure of your future paper described below.
  7. Essay structure: three main paragraphs. According to standards, your work should consist of next parts: introduction, body part, and conclusion.
  8. Developing a thesis. If you want to create a bright work to bring you the high grade, you need to define the main thought of your paper in the one-two sentences. Make your idea clear and understandable for your readers and remember to avoid jargon and complex words here.
  9. Beginning the essay. The introduction should present your paper to the readers. Remember that people will decide if they should read the entire work after reading this paragraph, so you should make a hook here to involve your audience. Your thesis statement should be written in the part too. If you have got difficulties writing the introduction, you can use help from essay writing services or read some useful information here:
  10. Write the body of your essay. This part should be separated on several paragraphs that should explain, describe, or prove your thesis. Here you have to put your ideas and support them with good evidence. Make sure each paragraph contains the one idea. If you have got problems with writing the introduction, you may write the body part firs, and then to come back to the beginning.
  11. Writing the conclusion. The final part of your paper should end your essay logically. Here you should restate your thesis and finish the essay properly. There are several ways to finish your work: you can call readers to action, make them feel particular emotions or even add some irony. When you are writing an essay, it's useful to read samples written by other people:
  12. Set the draft aside for a day or two, then re-read and make changes. Don't be in a hurry with editing, because your brain and your eyes must rest from the work you already did. Have some rest and then look at your work with refreshed view.
  13. Have a friend/parent/colleague read it. This is a good practice to notice errors you didn't find. Sometimes a fresh view by another person could help you improve your work.
  14. Edit and redraft your essay. Here are some useful tips about editing your work:
    • Read the essay aloud to find errors;
    • Make sure all sentences are really important, delete those parts that taking up space;
    • Be concrete and use clear and simple language;
    • Try to avoid jargon words;
    • Make sure you don't use your “favorite” phrases, words and sentences too often;
    • Make sure your work doesn't sound repetitive;
    • Avoid cliches;
    • Make sure you don't use too much stylistic or rhetorical flourishes;
    • Make sure you don't use too many metaphors in your essay;
    • Avoid the word “almost” - it's better to be direct and clear.
    • Don't use too many quotes because your own words would stay in the shadow.
    • Make sure you don't use sexist language.
  15. Complete or finalize your references and citations. Make sure you have organized them correctly according to your teacher's requirements and recommendations.
  16. Complete your final draft. Your work is ready to be checked by the teacher or professor. If you did everything according to our instruction, you have good chances to get the highest grade!

So, now you know exactly how to create your work step-by step. Don't forget to plan your time and follow this guide thoroughly if you want to create a successful and bright paper.

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