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Descriptive Essay Writing Services Page

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The fact that you are too tired or busy to write your descriptive essay assignment doesn’t mean you must skip or avoid it. At, we are a 24-hour writing mill that churns out the best descriptive essays for students from all over the world.

Our seasoned team of descriptive essay writers is always on standby to enable you to finish your college assignment on time. When you say “help me with descriptive essay,” we hear you and draft a masterpiece that describes what you want to say in a manner that resonates well with all the senses of your audience. We make your readers see, taste, hear, and feel what you intend to convey to them with clarity and pleasure.

At, we are not just writers; we are helpers who perfectly understand the challenges of college life because we went through it ourselves. We don’t just have an academic understanding of subjects, but above all, we understand you and your needs at this critical stage of your life. That is why we can tackle your assignments irrespective of your reasons. In fact, you don’t need to give us explanations; all you need is to talk to us and describe your needs, and not the reasons behind it because we already know them!

Whether you lack researching skills, writing skills, excellent grammar, presentation skills, the genius to crack that difficult assignment, or time, we are always there for you—to help. Just rely on our skilled writers to offer you an excellent blend of simplicity, excellent quality, and affordability.

Types of papers with which our writers can help you

When you decide to pay for descriptive essay writing services, we guarantee you a wide pool of choices. We offer help, and not just services, in different descriptive essay writing categories. If you don’t see what you need on this short list, don’t shy away. Some of the areas we can assist you with are:

Our Benefits & Features

At, we are not just service providers because our goal is not service, but rather, timely help in your hour of need. To us, service is a means to an end. That is why we are different from all the other “service providers” you are used to. When you choose to enroll for descriptive essay writing help online, we guarantee you of going back home with a basketful of benefits.

How it works

At, we endeavor to keep balance in everything. We have a balance between efficiency and simplicity. We don’t drag you into the complexity of what it takes to produce an excellent descriptive essay. That is why we let you enjoy ease and simplicity in the process of ordering and receiving your essay while we do the donkey work behind the scenes. You only need three easy steps to get your work done—and they are:

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What is a descriptive essay?

Unlike informative and persuasive essays that mostly focus on informing and convincing the head, descriptive essays go beyond that. A descriptive essay seeks to pass on an idea in a manner that your audience can relate to with all their five common sense. You, therefore, should learn how to craft words in such a compelling way that they leave the emotions of the reader feeling a part of the event or idea you are describing.

A descriptive essay demonstrates, illustrates, and shows the reader what you are saying; it does not just tell or inform them. To write an excellent descriptive essay thesis, you need to borrow the descriptive genius of a poet and the convincing prowess of your local politician to drive your points home.

Pick a topic

Before writing a descriptive essay, you have to start at the beginning—selecting an appropriate topic. If you don’t get it right at this stage, you will be like a man who is setting out on a journey without a road map and a road in the first place. You need a relevant and interesting topic so that is will captivate and engage your readers. So, select the right person, event, or a place that you intend to describe.

Once you are clear about the topic you want to write about, pick the right combination of words you will use to cement the descriptions. You have to master the art of creating pictures that penetrate and appeal to the minds of your readers. If you are writing about an event, it is better you choose a topic that you can describe well better because this is not another informative essay that is purely based on mere research. For instance, instead of saying “there were many people in the stadium,” you could still say, “The stadium was teeming with a sea of humanity.”

Create a thesis statement

After you have selected your desired topic, you now need to get your thesis. The reason here is that your thesis will be like your compass guiding you towards your desired destination. If you don’t have a strong thesis, you will easily drift off your topic without knowing. Additionally, your core argument will determine how you will be able to defend the remaining sections and ideas of your essay. Moreover, your thesis will keep you within the confines the purpose of your essay while also relating to the way you will convey your information throughout the essay.

Write your essay

The first paragraph needs focus on the object of your description and furnish the reader with a clear picture of the chosen topic. You need to use it to include all the details you have observed about the object of your description.

The second paragraph of your descriptive essay for college students needs to focus on the surroundings of your chosen object. You should describe atmosphere and circumstances under which your chosen object finds itself. To cement this section, you’ve got to use highly descriptive language such as metaphors, similes, and any other comparative language.

In the third paragraph, you have to maximize the power of sensory and emotional description of your chosen topic. You have to make sure that your readers can see, hear, feel, taste, and smell what you are illustrating so that the whole picture comes “live” in their mind and emotions.

The conclusion of your paper is where you wrap up everything in a logically connected manner. This part of your essay will restate or capture the essence of your thesis and the successive descriptive paragraphs that follow it. It should also summarize your attitude towards the object you have been describing all through.

Review your essay

After writing your conclusion, you need to review your work. This stage is the make or break part of your descriptive essay, and if you don’t handle it well, your paper will be rejected by your readers and supervisors. The reason is that your audience will get the opportunity to read the finished product—after editing.

At this level, you have to read through your essay with the eyes of your readers and supervisors. It is also wise to give one of your friends or family members to read through the narrative essay so that you can know what they feel about it. You can benefit a lot from the constructive criticism of those who are close to you.

After you and your friends have read through the paper, you need to remove all redundant words and clichés. Clean up all grammar errors and check the flow of all the paragraphs and sentences. Also, check to find the relevance and forcefulness of the descriptive language you used. Lastly, review your work to see if there is any relevant information that you may need to add to make your picture clearer.

Final thoughts

Descriptive essays are some of the most interesting pieces of academic assignment. They give you the opportunity to merge academic writing with the genius of other fields of writing such as poetry. But the journey to all this begins by getting the right descriptive essay topics and also having the necessary knowledge on how to write a descriptive essay. Once you have gotten your topic, written your thesis, and finalized your descriptive essay outline, you are now ready to move forward and write. This article is an exceptional tool for sharing with you tips on writing a descriptive essay. The ball is now in your court to use these ideas and polish your skills in line with what you have learned in this comprehensive descriptive essay writing guide.

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