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How to Write A Definition Essay

There are cases whereby you are required to develop an essay from a single word. Does it sound strange? Of course it does but the truth is that there are words that you would require more than hundred words to comprehensively describe. Such types of essays are called definition essays. Have you written a definition essay before? Perhaps you have not but it is important to understand what a definition essay is since you can be required to write such a type of essay in the course of your studies. This article is a definition essay writing guide and hence, highlights reliable tips and guidance on how to write a definition essay successfully.

What is a Definition Essay?

Writing a definition essay successfully is challenging. It requires you to formally as well as personally explain a given word in the form of an essay. As such, the choice of the word to describe is very important since there are words that can be described comprehensively using one or two words. This implies that you cannot chose a term which you can exhaust its description using limited words. The term that you decide to expand ought to be a highly complex one, and at the same time the preferred term should be rich in terms of history and background to enable you have enough information to write a lengthy essay.

Getting started: All That You Need

For you to write a successful definition essay you need to prepare early in advance by looking for reliable tips on writing a definition essay as well as have numerous definition essay ideas. The primary challenge that most learners experience when writing a definition essay is the choice of the appropriate term that should form the basis of your discussion. As noted earlier, you are required to come up with a word that has a strong background. In addition, you need to factor in the relationship between your target audience and the preferred term-can you preferred audience relate in any manner with the chosen term? Such an approach is effective in that it ensures that you have enough information to successfully write a definition essay based on the chosen term.

How then do you come up with the best term for your definitive essay? To get prepared you need to have a list of plausible definition essay topics. This approach is necessary since it helps you get ideas on what term your target audience can relate well with, and what term can be described extensively using numerous words. For this reason, you are required to brainstorm extensively for probable definition essay ideas. While in the process of brainstorming, it is important to remember that great definition essays are based on how rich your chosen term is with respect to its origin and background.

Develop a Clear Definition Essay Outline

Notably, succeeding in writing a hg quality definitional essay requires clear planning and preparation. One important aspect to factor in as you prepare to write your essay. A definition essay outline is a must have as far as succeeding in describing a given term is concerned. The outline will help you establish the various aspects that you need to cover while writing your essay. Some of the important aspects in this case include the best topic for your essay, main arguments, as well as supporting ideas for your chosen term. Whatever aspects you plan to cover in your essay, your outline should mirror the introduction, body, and conclusion with respect to your chosen term.

Here is an example of an outline that you can adopt for your definitive essay:

    1. Thesis
    2. General Introduction about your chosen term
  2. BODY
    1. Paragraph I
      1. Aspect one
      2. Topic sentence
      3. Supporting ideas
    2. Paragraph II
      1. Aspect two
      2. Topic sentence
      3. Supporting ideas
    3. Paragraph III
      1. Aspect three
      2. Topic sentence
      3. Supporting ideas
    1. Thesis restatement
    2. Summary of main arguments/points
    3. Call to action/implication


The introduction section is the first part of your essay and in this case, you should focus on identifying the chosen term that you are describing. It is here where you should let your readers understand what your essay is about. For this reason, you should cover your topic’s general background such that it gives your potential readers a clear picture of the essay’s coverage. In most cases, learners tend to be overzealous while what is needed here is an engaging introduction. As such, you should make sure that your term is purely defined without any summaries.

Additionally, it is important to develop an introduction that is not dramatic. As such, it is advisable to avoid first and second person approaches in the introduction section of your analytical essay. Next, you need to ensure that you have a strong thesis and one that will help you develop your argument and essay further. Ideally, what is needed of you as far as the introduction section of your definition essay is concerned is to provide a clear information about your chosen term and its background and/or history.

Body of Your Definition Essay

The body of your essay covers everything regarding the expansion of the chosen term in terms of description. A comprehensive definition essay for college students should maintain a certain length and number of words and that is why it is advisable to choose a term that is describable. In the case of an ordinary essay, the body of the essay is meant for the expansion of any arguments that you stated in the introduction plus a description of everything the way it is.

It is natural to adopt a suitable structure whenever it comes to the body of any essay. In most of the cases, learners are advised to build their essay’s body section based on 3 paragraphs. While this is the most ideal and commonly used approaches, in the case of the definition essay, it is important to take consideration of the breakdown on the term that you are using to build up your essay. Ensure that you break it down into a couple of segments for easy understanding.

The most suitable approach is to divide the three paragraphs into history and background, definition of the term according to the dictionary, and lastly, how you define the selected term based on experience.


The conclusion of your definition essay ought not be complex, instead you should ensure that you focus entirely on offering a summary of the important aspects that you have covered in the body of your essay. As such, all that you need in this section is to ensure that you have rephrased all the major sections of your term’s definition alongside taking the time to sum up all the aspects addressed.

After you have summarized your definitions, there is a need for the target audience to understand the implication of the defined term. Here, you base your implication on the specific reasons for deciding to write the essay about the particular term and not another. In addition, think about the impact that the term you have discussed and its surrounding have had on your life. This should give you a hint on what your call to action statement should be.

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