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Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Services Page

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Part two

Tips on writing an Insightful Compare and Contrast Essay

Definition of compare and contrast essay

A compare and contrast essay endeavors to make comparisons and contrasts between two different objects, subjects, or ideas which are also similar. These essays may require you to compare or contrast two subjects or do both. In some cases, your professors can request you to draw comparisons and contrasts and leave it at that point. In other assignments, your supervisors may ask you to use any similarity and difference you drew to develop a thesis or assessment. Such assignments are meant to help scholars to develop their analytical skill.

Choose the right subjects

A critical pillar while drafting such kind of essay is knowing and choosing what to write a compare and contrast essay on. First, select the two subjects you will be comparing and contrasting. These objects of comparison should possess enough differences to warrant a successful comparison.

To choose comparison objects, you need to consider the following factors:

Brainstorming and developing your thesis

This section will share with you some of the compare and contrast essay ideas you can use in brainstorming and developing your compare and contrast essay thesis. Your thesis is very critical as you write your paper since it is like your compass that gives you a focus while drafting your essay.

While developing a thesis for a compare and contrast essay, keep in mind one of the factors we used in determining a suitable topic. The reason here is that your thesis should fit within your topic. Ensure your core argument doesn’t just show your readers that iOS is both different from and similar to Android. As you formulate and craft your thesis, develop it in such way that your readers will find an answer to their question, “So how does it benefit me?”

For instance, as you develop your thesis that discusses how Android is similar to and differs from iOS, you can write something like this: “Whereas Android and iOS are the most popular smart mobile device operating systems, they differ in terms of the number of users because iOS is confined to Apple products while Android works on devices from all smartphone manufacturers.”

Structuring your essay

One of the most important tips and tricks is drafting a good compare and contrast essay outline. That way, the format of your will act as a skeleton that will hold on the “flesh” of your research ideas. Trying to write a paper without a structure is like trying to carry water in a gunny bag.

Developing a good structure will ensure that you have a defined structure that will guide you on where to include the right material. Essentially, your outline needs to have these components:

Writing the assignment

After gathering all the necessary material for drafting your outline, go ahead and write your essay. Drafting is the sole to make sense out of all your efforts. This section will discuss with you the best way of writing these essays in a step-by-step manner.

Editing your paper

After writing your best compare and contrast essay, review it so that it says what you wanted it to say. You have to clean to up so that it is free from all grammar errors. You also need to fix it flow and remove all redundant words and clichés. Also, you can add any words and ideas that you feel will enhance the essay.

Closing remarks

These types of essays are favorite tools that can stretch your analytical skills. This article has offered you a comprehensive step-by-step guide on writing these kinds of essays. You can use the ideas shared here to enrich your next assignment by writing a good compare and contrast essay that will fetch you better marks.

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