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How to write an Analysis Essay

Do you have issues writing a sound and outstanding analysis essay? If you have been having difficulties, then you are the right candidate this guide to writing good analysis essay is seeking to help. The truth is that drafting an outstanding analytical paper is not rocket science that is reserved for a few chosen geeks.

One of the keys to mastering the art of effective analysis paper writing is having a proper understanding of what this kind of essay is and how it differs from other forms of essays. In the simplest terms, an analysis essay is a type of paper where you showcase your claims or arguments for or against a piece of literary work or any other thing you are assigned to analyze. You can be requested to make an objective analysis of issues, ideas, or movies.

In this assignment, you are supposed to furnish evidence for your claims and arguments by either quoting from the literary work or movie you are analyzing. You are also permitted to substantiate your claims using externally researched evidence.

Ways to form an analysis essay outline

Drafting an outline is another pillar in writing an analysis essay. You need to draft an analysis essay outline that will guide you throughout your writing process. This part is critical since it enables you to know where to include your research material.

Before you draft a good outline for your paper, you should first establish the desired length of the paper. The reason here is that the number of paragraphs to include in an analysis essay structure will depend on its length. For instance, if your essay is 700 words, you can still work with the 5-paragraph format of analysis essay. But if you are tackling an assignment with 4,000 words, you will need more paragraphs in the body section so as to help your readers to navigate through it easily.

At the beginning, you don’t need to come up with a final pattern. You can start by drafting a provisional outline that will capture all your researched ideas in larger clusters. Later on, you can streamline them into smaller and manageable pieces after clearly determining where each piece of information will fit.


The introduction is the formal entry point of your essay. Your introduction should feature several components that will make it attain its goal of orienting your reads into what you are analyzing.


The body is the gist of everything you have discussed in a skeletal form in your introduction. The paragraphs of this section are like what flesh is to the human skeleton. If you remove the flesh from a skeleton, you can’t even know whether it belongs to a man or woman. But when you attach flesh to it, you are able to discern that this is a male or female human being but without clearly discerning who that person is. When you polish it further and put skin, you are now able to distinctly know that this is so and so. That is exactly what the body paragraphs do to your essay; they set apart your essay from all the other papers and make it distinct.

One keyword that needs to run through your mind as you draft this part of your critical analysis essay is “details.” This section is where you will need to produce logically provable reasons for your analysis essay thesis. Besides, you will be required to provide evidence for all your claims so that you can give your readers the assurance of the credibility of your work.

Additionally, you have to introduce each body paragraph in the right way. You need to open it with a topic sentence that shows your readers the argument or idea the paragraph will discuss. After that, you should follow it up with another one sentence or two sentence showing reasons for your position. Lastly, you will have to wrap it up with a closing remark or sentence that proves the value and importance of that particular subsection.


The conclusion of your analysis essay is one of the most important pillars on how to write an analysis essay. This closing section allows you the opportunity to give the reader a reason why they should remember your essay after they hung up. The concluding section will feature one or two short paragraphs. But the actual length of the section will be guided by the length of the essay you are writing.

You have to commence this section of your assignment by the restatement of your core argument (thesis). However, you don’t need to make a verbatim quotation of your thesis. On the contrary, you need to paraphrase it or capture its gist and write it down. When you revisit your thesis, you have to approach it in such a way that you will re-imprint its value and ramifications on the minds of your readers. Lastly, this subsection of your conclusion has to remind your readers of the way you have successfully substantiated your primary argument throughout the essay.

You also need to make recap your main ideas as discussed in the body paragraphs of your analytical paper. Just like the thesis restatement, you don’t have to direct quote your main ideas. You should discuss them briefly and possibly introduce a new angle to them so that you keep off the temptation of smuggling in new information into your essay. Additionally, spicing up your main ideas with a fresh angle will leave your readers with something to chew as they hang up.


Proofreading is one of the leading success tips on how to write a great analysis essay. Without this process, you will have a bungled and error-ridden assignment. Make sure that you proofread your work to spot and remove all grammar and editorial errors. The essence of all proofreading is to make your essay say what you meant it to say in the best way you intended it to say it so as to remove all misunderstanding.

Closing remarks

This article has provided you with an in-depth analysis essays writing guide for students. You have learned about what an analysis essay is, how you need to formulate and write its outline, and how to finish it on a stronger footing. The ball is now in your court to take everything and up your game in writing analytical papers.

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